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Are you experiencing distress? No need to go through this alone. Barbara Sanders, LCSW, is an experienced, licensed psychotherapist who is committed to helping her clients work through whatever issues are creating difficultes. With her assistance, you can live a healthier, more satifying life, moving from stress to hope and from problems to solutions.

Psychotherapy can help you develop successful new ways to cope and heal, learn how to handle stress more effectively, and find more pleasure and satisfaction in life.

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Psychotherapy and Counseling

Psychotherapy can help you to find new, creative ways to deal with life's difficulties, transitions and losses. When facing distressing times, you want to feel better and improve your life and/or relationships. Seeking support from an experienced, trained, licensed health care provider can be life-changing. I value client confidentiality and respect you while assisting you in finding healthy alternatives to how you are currently handling life. Each client is unique and it is important to clearly understand what has happened to you and how your issues and/or history may have limited your ability to have the life you want. While working with me in a non-judgmental and safe space, you can learn to manage life a little differently.

I work with individuals, couples and families, helping you get unstuck from dysfunctional patterns or beliefs. Transitional times often call for flexibility and adaptability and can be valuable catalysts for re-evaluating life, strengthening your skills while making long term changes.

If this process interests you, contact me either by email or phone, and we can set up a time to talk. Please also review the other links on this website. I am happy to answer questions you may have before you decide to use my services.

      Mediation for Friends, Partners and Families

At times, family, friends and/or oganizations get into difficult situations that may be best facilitated by an outside mediator or consultant. Having been trained as a mediator, I offer services to fit the need of the specific group, focusing on the presenting issues and any other structural or communication problems that may have arisen.

Integration Services

Some people participate in transformational journeys of various sorts and after participating in such intense work, it is sometimes wise to work through their new wisdom based on these experiences. I enjoy helping people integrate into their regular lifestyles experiences that have changed their ways of thinking, believing, feeling or acting.


 Breathwork can be a transformative experience and is used gently after or during a period of time of regular therapeutic work. This process can help briefly bypass our cognitive skills to discover and experience more deeply whole body feeling states which can help us heal.


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Barbara Sanders, LCSW
Hillsboro/Belmont area, Nashville